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        Chairman Zhou Huaqiang


        China University of Mining and Technology National Key Discipline-Mining Engineering Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, founder, chief expert and chairman of...


        Year of establishment

        40million yuan

        Enterprise registered capital


        Possess patents and know-how

        Development Path

        A high-tech enterprise specializing in green filling mining

        • 2022

          In January, Shenhua Shendong group Yujialiang coal mine gangue gypsum filling BOT project

        • 2020-2021

          It has successively undertaken the general contracting projects of paste filling of xingshengmin coal mine in Fugu County, Erdun coal mine in Yuyang District and Puhe coal mine in Fugu County

        • 2021

          Paste filling mining

        • 2020

          In December, Inner Mongolia Zhongkuang Green Mining Technology Co., Ltd. was established

        • 2020

          In January, the general contracting of strip water retaining paste filling mining technology of Yongle coal mine and santaijie coal mine in Yuyang District, Yulin city was completed at the same time

        • 2019

          In October, the paste filling project of Mahuangliang coal mine of Shaanxi Yulin taifaxiang Mining Co., Ltd

        • 2019

          Study on 1 million T / a paste filling coal mining in - 6m coal seam of Gaohe coal mine of Shanxi Lu'an Group

        • 2015-2018

          Successively completed the design services of many coal mines such as Linsheng Coal Mine of Shenyang Coal Mine Group

        • 2015


        • 2014

          Change of registered name of the company

        • 2008-2014

          Inherited the design, commissioning, control system, pipe valve supply and related system construction technical services of more than ten paste filling projects

        • 2009

          Form a complete set of three core technologies of design, control system and pipe valve system

        • 2008

          The control system of coal mine paste filling station is developed to supplement the technical core of paste filling control system

        • 2006

          于2008 年獲濟寧市科學技術一等獎

        • 2005

          Establish the first high-tech enterprise specializing in paste filling mining in China

        • 2004-2005

          Build into the first filling mining laboratory in China

        • 1996

          Doctoral supervisor Professor Zhou Huaqiang conducted research on filling mining technology

        • 1995-1996

          Professor Zhou Huaqiang, doctoral supervisor of the University of mining and technology, began to study the paste filling mining technology


        Green mining refers to coal mining methods that consider the protection of the environment and resources

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        Company Address:

        Xuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, south of Zhujiang Road and west of Kuihe, Liandong U Valley - Xuzhou High-tech Electronics New Port



        Contact Fax:



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